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About Us


Angie Uniform was founded in 2003, has been working on uniforms for men and women of different ranks in various industries, companies, groups and services. In particular, the design of the brand and the functional fabric of the brand quality are the strengths.

Due to the trend of internationalization and liberalization, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and business operations must have innovations and breakthroughs. The first is to integrate the characteristics of clothing, brand, enterprise and industry and commerce, and introduce the concept of professional marketing to uniform design, to analyze the overall corporate image strategy for customers, and to create the image uniform that have the best expresses corporate culture and traits.

On the other hand, Angie has introduced a variety of functional fabrics, including but not limit to breathability improvement, moisture-management control, we also provide options suits different functionality of vary industries, such as anti-oil, non-flammable, antistatic, anti-bleaching, anti-wrinkle, waterproof, antifouling, antacid, antimicrobial etc. Customer can greatly improve the durability and quality of uniforms at a reasonable cost.

Since 2015, Angie has become the first CI Anti- Heat Stress Uniform authorized manufacturer company in Hong Kong which is launched by the Poly U and Construction Industry Council (the heat-resistant service was invented and won the international invention award). Angie has become the one of the main uniform supplier in Hong Kong.

At present, many companies invest large sums of money and human resources in the management of uniforms every year. It highlights that uniforms can not only help companies effectively manage the image of employees, but also strengthen the cohesiveness of employees. It is also a tool for transmitting corporate value and building corporate brands. In view of this, in addition to production, we also provide the most professional and professional uniform management services, so that companies of all sizes can save their energy and resources in uniforms. The sharing of resources can also reduce costs for customers and achieve a win-win result.

Why choose Angie Uniform

Manufacturing plant and management

Our Production Factory was locates in Mainland China, annual output exceeds 1.5 million pieces. We aim to provide high quality and efficient services, including material selection, fashion and pattern design to logistic. In order to fulfill client’s requirement, we closely monitor each step throughout the production, from sourcing fabrics and trims, pattern making, sampling, printing, transfer printing, embroidery to finished products. We strive to maintain a best-in-class operation management and quality control system. We pay high attention to fabric development, industry trends, new technologies and management system to ensure our company sustains as one of the best within the industry.

1. Fabric stability

Q: How to prevent inconsistency on fabric color or quality? 

A: we select material with stable in stocks supplies to ensure product consistency.

2. Fabric quality

Q: How to prevent the uniforms easily shrinking, color fading or pilling? 

A: We will proceed pre-production treatment on pre-shrinking and color fixing. Then the finished uniform does not appear to shrink and decolorize significantly. Beside, we will test the fabric regularly to ensure fabric quality on final products.

3. Size

Q: Any situation on size not fit or mismatch? 

A: We apply computerized marker planning instead of manually to standardize grading. 

4. Shipment

Q: Delivery overdue?

A: Angie Uniform do quality and right the first time, always delivery on time as committed.