Color Trend

2020/21 spring and summer

The main swatches of this quarter tend to be stable, with bright green and dark reds entering the main swatch. Indigo has also been added, reflected in the high-performance denim fabric, and there is a feeling of freshness and freedom as a whole.

2020/21 autumn and winter

The mood of the quarter is reassuring and comfortable, sometimes with some highlight colors. The core swatches are simple, with nostalgic emotions, a feeling of darkening the bright tones. But these colors are not lacking in luster, but they are quiet and intense.

The swatches are frost-filtered for the traditional main color, which is slightly vicissitude. Winter sky blue enters the main color, and indigo also enters as a black alternative color. Red symbolizes vitality, energy and determination, and its choices range from nostalgic red to bright red.


Color Reference: Pantone® Textile Color Guide - Paper Edition TPX. The printed Pantone® color may differ from the actual Pantone® standard color. Please refer to the latest Pantone® system for accurate color.